NAIOP’s stance on Wetlands we would like to see a balanced approach to the federal wetlands permitting program (Section 404); one that provides simplification and efficiency toward the permitting process while protecting sensitive environmental areas.

We strongly support the concept of mitigation banking, which offsets destroyed or degraded wetlands in one area with newly created, enhanced or restored wetlands elsewhere, thereby balancing the needs of developers and the environment.

NAIOP opposes attempts to increase the authority of the federal government to regulate wetlands and believes that states have an inherit right to protect and regulate state waters without the federal government imposing additional regulations that often do little to actually protect waterways.

Current Legislative Priorities

Tax Reform

Comprehensive tax reform of has been a top goal for several presidential administrations and many in Congress ever since the last major reform in 1986. The goals of reform include simplification of the tax code, increasing the global competitiveness of American businesses, and promoting economic growth. Many in Congress also believe that tax reform should address increasing income inequality and raise revenue for additional government spending and investment.

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Capital and Credit Liability

Congress must ensure that capital markets and financial institutions are able to address the current and future credit needs of the commercial real estate industry. Strong oversight is needed to ensure that the actions of various financial regulators do not have an unintended cumulative impact on lending to the industry.

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Infrastructure and Transportation

Federal funding and support for infrastructure is of critical importance to the commercial real estate industry. NAIOP supports federal government incentives to promote the increased use of public-private partnerships for much-needed infrastructure investment, as well as long-term transportation funding for the maintenance and repair of the nation’s existing highways, bridges and roads.

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