Metro 50: Buffalo affordable housing report

Posted by [email protected] on 06/27/2017 12:00 am  /   News

Buffalo Niagara Partnership

In an effort to approach economic development in a manner rooted in data and best practices, the Buffalo Niagara Partnership has released a new publication series: Metro 50 Buffalo Niagara.

The brand will feature a series of ‘factsheet’ publications on topical areas relevant to local economic development and put them in the context of comparable metropolitan areas – how do we stack up and what best practices have they employed to tackle economic development challenges.

Buffalo Niagara is the 50th largest metropolitan area in the United States – these factsheets will highlight our peer metros ranking on each side of us, 45 to 55.  Too often, Buffalo Niagara is compared to metro areas 2, 3 and 5 times the size of us (and larger), often placing economic, financial and political expectations upon Buffalo that are not realistic.

These reports will help in establishing proper context and be resourceful in identifying relevant best practices.

Download the Affordable Housing report:  Metro 50 One Sheet – Affordable Housing

Courtesy: Buffalo Niagara Partnership